Thank You First Responders


Hey Friends,

I wanted to give a shout out to our awesome #firstresponders. I will respectfully wear a mask in public. I will do this to help keep Tami Heath, my wife of almost 40 years, safe. Thanks to those who wear a mask as well which is such a cool sign of respect. It’s weird that we live in a day where seeing people not wearing a mask makes you wish they would. In the past seeing someone with a mask in public was not the norm – now if your out in public without a mask that’s not the norm … Weird huh?

We got this people. Practice leaving a safe distance between you and the people around you, wash your hands often, and stay home …

Book Suggestion


While schools are closing for virus concerns I’d like to direct parents to some reading. #KidsHaveUpsAndDownsToo is a reflection of overcoming my life’s obstacles while I was growing up in a dysfunctional home. #ABullysJournal takes a look a #bullying from the bullly’s side as #BookerWeed befriends Billy Elims (“Smile” spelled backwards) and helps him turn his life around through a classroom journaling project.

Kids Have Ups & Downs Too

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Excited to announce the release of Kids Have Ups and DownsToo!. Growing Literacy of the Heart and Mind Cultivates the Landscape of a Child’s Future. By including a journal in the back of our books we believe “If you encourage a child to journal their thinking turns to writing.” No matter what is happening at home, in our neighborhood or with our friends we have what it takes to make good healthy positive choices is the theme throughout my series of books. Just in time for Christmas Booker Weed will be a fun read and journaling will inspire kids to share their thoughts and feelings while reading their own chapter book.

A Good Name

The best thing you can leave behind is a “Good Name.” When you do, your name will proceed you …

My First ETSY shop

My First ETSY shop

“THANKS!” again …


Please know that we are grateful for your service in the face of this invisible enemy and we know the risk it brings to you and you personal family members – THANK YOU!

Have a Romans 15:13 Day!

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