“No matter what’s happening at home, in your neighborhood or with your friends you have what it takes to make good choices!” -booker weed


Be The Buddy


I had no idea 37 years ago the character I created while doodling on a napkin at a Denny’s restaurant would turn into a series of children’s books to inspire kids that no matter what’s happening in their home, their neighborhood, or with their friends they have what it takes to make good choices. 

Life is 99% …

Media is everywhere … it does not concern itself with what builds us up. Media thrives on that which tears down & divides even to dividing nations. I pray for the day that we thrive for good media where only 1% is the junk. If we could see all the hugs, the love, the hope, the parents that tuck their kids in with a hug and a story, the meals prepared for sick friends, If media could sensationalize families on picnics, dads treating their young daughters like young ladies on birthday dates so they look for their dad in the boys they date, moms wiping the tear from their young son’s cheek and kissing their ouwies while training them how to treat a lady so when they grow up they can be a knight in shining armor … WoW! I imagine a day where we learn to make better choices … #BeTheBuddy

Better Each Day



I would say, from my own experience, that you get better at something the more you do it and at first you may think it is impossible but after some determination, okay a lot of determination, you begin to think, “I got this!” Let that be your anthem today … “I got this!” and watch God appear alongside of you …

A New Era

Thankful for a new era where kids can receive positive messages throughout social media and perhaps find support for issues in their lives.
#KidsHaveUpsAndDownsToo – “A Bully’s Journal” looks at #bulkying from the bully’s side. Available on Amazon and B&N.


A Bully’s Journal – Book No. 2 From the Series Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!

A Bully's Journal

A Bully’s Journal

Pleased to announce two books are now available on Amazon and B&N. Throughout the series kids will be inspired to consider that no matter what is happening at home, in their neighborhood, or with their friends they have what it takes to make good choices. Learn from mistakes they don’t have to be your own. Be The Buddy! My books can you do just that!

Have a Romans 15:13 day!

I Can’t Hear You, God

Give God some time … Why not? He gives us eternal life!

Mel Steinmeyer


I think it was 1988…I think.   Anyway, it was a long time ago.  I was a youth pastor in Marysville, WA.  Yeah, I was young.  However, I felt like I was getting old by the day.  It seemed like ALL my friends were married now.  It seemed like I was the last holdout…though not by choice.  I so desperately wanted to share my life with someone else and to be loved just as I am by someone other than Jesus or my dog.  It was late one night and in the room of my apartment, with the door tightly shut, I cried out to God…literally!  Don’t you care, God!?” were my words and I meant them.  It wasn’t a rhetorical question.  Like I said, I was desperate…desperately lonely.  Finally, thankfully, sleep cut off my cries and my questions.  And while I awoke feeling better, I didn’t share my questions with…

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