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Kids Have Ups and Downs Too -A Bully’s Journal, has reached the editor and Independent Authors Network is now hosting another author page for me. It takes a lot of time to promote a book as a self publsihed and self marketing author but with the help of my publisher, Mindstir Media and other internet tools I truely believe that BOOKER WEED will be America’s Next Household Name! Thanks ahead of time for visiting Independent Authors Network

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Making Booker Weed America’s next household name is a huge undergoing. I’m just a former aerospace supervisor who got laid off and thought, “What am I going to do the rest of my life?” Screenprinting from my garage didn’t work so well, loading UPS trucks gave me tendanitis, and customer service at a Shell gas station made me fat eating the snacks that surrounded me to stay awake.

When God speaks to you it may not be something you hear but it penetrates your heart and soul as it did mine the week following the end of my aerospace career. I simply asked, “God, what would you have me do?” His reply: “You’re going to minister to kids and have to fly to do it.” I became a yoyo professional and for the last ten years I have been blessed to speak to more than 1.3 million kids worldwide and encourage them to become champions in school and in life as a NED Show performer for All For Kidz, Inc.

Inspired by my notorious childhood and the word God spoke to me I have wrtten my first book in the series, “Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!” starring Booker Weed. For me to minister to kids and continue to fly to do it Booker Weed must become a household name. If I can reach over a million kids in person imagine how many more kids I can reach with a successful series of kids books. Please Like my Fertile Ground Creations Fan Page to learn more about Booker Weed and me. Sharing on Facebook is huge so thanks for that!

Business Card – What a Pain but Very Necessary …

Business Card

Business Card

I work a full time job. It’s a fun job and the only thing that could be better than encouraging 4000 kids weekly around the world is to be a full time kids author. That’s the purpose of writing the series, #Kids Have Ups and Downs Too starring Booker Weed, the character I created on a napkin at a Denny’s restaurant in 1979. The most difficult is developing that perfect business card, that perfect website, not having an #agent. I am determined that God will complete that good work He started in me some 34 years ago. God gave me a word that I would minister to kids and have to fly to do it and I have been flying around the world performing The NED Show at 400 elementary schools annually to over 1.3 million kids over the last ten years. How many more kids can I reach through a successful series of kids books. Kids Have Ups and Downs Too is available online at Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon. Book No. 2 entitled Kids Have Ups and Downs Too – A Bully’s Journal is due out this Spring. It takes a look at bullying from te bully’s side.

Booker Weed Visits New Zealand!

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Kiwi kids are awesome! The country is beautiful and will be a great place for “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” Almost there. Waiting for my proof book then Amazon and Barnes & Noble here we come …

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Business Card BookmarkI’m in London and the surrounding area speaking and promoting my first children’s book, “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!”Since I am an author I thought it would be clever to design a business card that serves as a bookmark as well. I am excited to know my first book is only about three weeks away from being a reality. Encourage a Child to Journal and their Thinking Turns to Writing. Growing Literacy of the Heart & Mind Cultivates the Landscape of a Child’s Future! I believes these statements from the depth of my soul …

Booker Weed in the U.K.

BW England PromoArrived in England today where I get to share a positive, character building message to about 6000 primary students from London, to Southend-on-Sea, Birmingham, and England’s southern most coast. In addition Booker Weed has landed as I have handed out several business cards and received terrfic response from parents and their kids.

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It is time to sign up for my eMail campaigns (announcements actually) about the progress of Kids Have Ups and Downs Too! starring none other than Booker Weed. The series kicks of with my foundational theme that “No matter what’s going on at home, in our neighborhoods or with our friends we have what it take to make positive, healthy choices.”

My Mission Statement: “Growing Literacy of the Heart and Mind Cultivates the Landscape of a Child’s Future! READ • THINK • WRITE”