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Excited to announce the release of Kids Have Ups and DownsToo!. Growing Literacy of the Heart and Mind Cultivates the Landscape of a Child’s Future. By including a journal in the back of our books we believe “If you encourage a child to journal their thinking turns to writing.” No matter what is happening at home, in our neighborhood or with our friends we have what it takes to make good healthy positive choices is the theme throughout my series of books. Just in time for Christmas Booker Weed will be a fun read and journaling will inspire kids to share their thoughts and feelings while reading their own chapter book.

“Kids Have Ups & Downs Too !” just released

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“Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!” has been approved and released to for publishing and can be ordered from Barnes & Noble in about a week and on Amazon about two weeks later. In addition it will be released worldwide via numerous other distribution channels. I’ve finished the first chapter of book number two and the third is conceptualized. But more importantly I want FB friends and supporters and those who purchase my books to grab hold of the concept of the journal in the back. This link was given to me yesterday by an elementary principal – I’ll let the short video clip speak for itself – I’m reminded I need to journal more myself … When I do it’s almost like that good cup of coffee feeling on a cold day – nice and warm on the inside. A special thanks to Kevin Walsh who has supported this call on my life since day one and who was sitting in the Denny’s restaurant in 1979 when I doodled Booker Weed on a napkin. To Tammie Heath who so patiently lets me share my thoughts and ideas with her no matter how crazy and to my kids for learning they have what it takes to make good healthy, positive choices. “Encourage a child to journal and their thinking turns to writing. Growing Literacy of the Heart & Mind Cultivates the Landscape of a Child’s Future.” I’m living a Romans 15:13 day I hope you do the same.

Proof Looks Good!

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Booker Weed is proud and excited to announce his first book is hot off the press … almost – just a couple of little edits and “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” will be available in the U.S., Canada, England, and Australia from Amazon. You can also find it at Barnes & Noble. Thank you for your patience and the overwhelming support and encouragement.

Booker Weed Visits New Zealand!

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Kiwi kids are awesome! The country is beautiful and will be a great place for “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” Almost there. Waiting for my proof book then Amazon and Barnes & Noble here we come …