Gone Fishing • Part Two

Did an all-nighter to get this and two other illustrations airbrushed. The boat and the fishGone Fishing • Part Two will appear opposite of each other in my first children’s book, “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” coming soon from www.mindstirmedia.com.

Gone Fishing • Part One

Did an all-nighter to get this and two other illustrations airbrushed. The fish and the boat will appear opposite of each other in my first children’s book, “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” coming soon from www.mindstirmedia.com.

Gone Fishing • Part One

Gone Fishing • Part One

After School Programs

Kid Zone - "From Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!"The After-School Program in Santa Ana, CA where I went to school for a brief period of time offered Duncan SpinTops as an activity. I worked hard and after several months qualified for the state championship by becoming the Santa Ana City Champion. The After-School Program was my safe place because I never wanted to go home. Many times my mom wouldn’t return for days due to work and her poor choices so I tried to occupy my time with running the neighborhood, riding my bike past dark, or learning new tricks with my spintop. If it weren’t for the After-School Program I never would have learned to spin my top and wouldn’t be a yoyo professional today speaking to more than 3,800 kids weekly and over 400 schools worldwide. Get your kids involved with something … it could lead to a great opportunity and challenge them to be the best they can be. “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” coming soon from www.MindstirMedia.com

Friends – Good vs. Not-so-Good

Friends - Good vs, Not-so-Good

Finding Good Friends

Life is about making choices, some good and some bad. Friends, we hope, fall into the good choices however examples around us help us see that some friends are not-so-good. A good way to judge a good friend from a bad friend is like this: A good friend will not try to control or manipulate you. A not-so-good friend will be tactful in their appraoch to get you to think something is okay to do when it really is not. Be aware and live like a good example. Be a good friend. Be someone their parent would invite for a sleepover or for dinner. If your parents invite your friends over it probably means they agree on your choice of friends … Parents are pretty good at that  – probably because they learned the same friend-finding skills when they were growing up.

Whatever You Find to Do – Do it Good!

Carrom Pro

Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!

Growing up life was pretty disfunctional at home. I didn’t realize till I was married for a few years and my wife had made our home such a great place to come home to. I spent most of my time at the after-school program where I learn to spin a top and eventually became the Santa Ana, CA City Champion. I am thankful that my top was a small tool that bridged my current job as a yoyo professional and speaker to my future dream of becoming an author. I have encouraged over 1.5 million kids in Canada, England, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealnad and throughout the United States in a small way to the credit of my school’s after-school program. Hope you like “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” coming soon from Mindstir Media.

A Good Cause

Faithfully my daughter trains, coaches, and inspires runners to stay fit and raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma for Team in Training while maintaining a successfull career in photography, motherhood, and homemaking for her husband who is a fulltime student, oh and did I mention she is a high school track coach as well? Donate $10-$20 or more if you can to help see a cure. Arthur Heaton was severely affected while in the middle of high school and has survived to go on to college – I’ve met him and the donations are worth it. Pleas donate today … Tiffany Rose Carbaugh and those affected deserve it. Thanks – I love U Tiffy OX’s Dad

So Tired

FB TimelineEvery day after my regular job that many times is 10-14 hours long I sketch, illustrate, airbrush, and write my first of three (for now) kids books entitled “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” I want it done now please. Nobody is listening but that’s ok becuase regardless of how long it takes, how tired I get, how much coffee I drink I am determined to reach kids worldwide with positive stories that bring their attention to making right choices no matter what it’s like in our homes, our neighborhood or with our friends. I will look back one day and say I am thankful that tired led to a good outcome. Be patient, my book will be to the publisher soon …