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It is time to sign up for my eMail campaigns (announcements actually) about the progress of Kids Have Ups and Downs Too! starring none other than Booker Weed. The series kicks of with my foundational theme that “No matter what’s going on at home, in our neighborhoods or with our friends we have what it take to make positive, healthy choices.”

My Mission Statement: “Growing Literacy of the Heart and Mind Cultivates the Landscape of a Child’s Future! READ • THINK • WRITE”

Father’s Day

My dad left my mom and I when I was two. My mom married more times than I can count and had even more boyfriends. Home was always in turmoil from drugs, abusive men, and alcoholics. We always lived in the poorest and worst neighborhoods and fighting was the only way to survive. Good friends were hard to find in bad neighborhoods. I never celebrated Father’s Day growing up, in fact it was not till I was twenty-one and a father of my first daughter that I celebrated my own Father’s Day. It is because I am a father that I want to be a successful author and be the best dad I can be no matter what it was like in my home, my neighborhood, or with my friends. I have four wonderful successful children who value their husbands and their education. They find success around every corner.
Not because of anything I’ve done but because I found a great wife that partnered with me regardless of my many imperfections and believed in me. I was determined to not let my life’s circumstance dictate the rest of my life. I was determined to be the best I could be regardless of what those in my life were doing. Today on Father’s Day eve I am glad that my life lives to be an example of what not to do with what lies behind but what to do with choices I have still to face in my life and by writing and illustrating my series of kid’s books starring Booker Weed I hope others can learn to do the same. “Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!” is my therapy and my answers to life challenges. Don’t blame the past and people – get on with being the best you can with what you got and live like Christ spoke the truth because He was the Truth speaking … Happy Father’s Day.

The Cover – Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!

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Here’s the progression of the front cover of my first children’s book in the series “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” coming this summer. I start with a sketch, then ink that to bristol paper, add friskett, and cut out the design and begin my airbrush application. Just heard from the publisher that the designer will have my PDF of the inner pages and the wrap around front and back cover a week from today … so excited!

Design Time

Final Cover DesignThis is the final cover design and the final illustration I will submit to my publisher Monday afternoon. my publisher, has returned my manuscript, I did the re-edits and returned it and now it goes to design. It won’t be long before I get to see the final proof before going to the market and available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Very excited and can’t wait to reach kids through my series of kids books enttiled “Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!” I’ve started the conscept of my second book “Kids Have Ups and Downs Too – Road Trip” and hope to have it well under way by the time I go to London, England for a two week speaking engagement at primary schools. I hope to complete it by the time I return from my three week tour in New Zealand. Please stay tuned …