Wear Your Helmet When Skateboarding

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Yes wearing a helmet for your safety is not only smart but making a right choice. Although it has nothing to do with this post it helps me make a small point – “No matter what it’s like in our home, our neighborhood, or with our frineds we can learn to make right choices.” I say “learn” hoping that it is someone else’s example and not your own that your learn this. Here’s a chapter from my book, “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!:
No matter what it’s like at home, in my neighborhood or with my friends I have what it takes to make positive healthy choices. When I make mistakes I try to learn from them and not make them again. At home I help when I’m asked, clean my room when needed, and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner – I wish.
Our neighborhood can be crazy sometimes. We have neighbors that don’t get along, a bully that lives at the end of the block, and our neighbor’s goat gets out and eats skateboards, baseball gloves and lets our cat ride on his back. When the neighbors aren’t getting along I ride my bike the other way. Our block has a look-out-for-the-bully plan when he is spotted in the area so we have a chance to avoid him.
Good friends treat each other fair and respectful. Treating others the way I want to be treated is always the right thing to do. I make choices every day, all day. I make them based on what’s right, not on what others try to get me to do. Sometimes it’s easy to go along with the crowd but making right choices will always leave you feeling good inside. It’s my responsibility to do what’s right, it’s hard sometimes but if I stop and think about something before I do it I make better choices.
What matters most is being the best I can be in my home, my neighborhood and with my friends. I’m not the best at yoyos or a world champion skateboarder but I have what it takes to make right choices.
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Coming Soon – Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!

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These illustrations are samples of what to expect from http://www.fertileground.co. Children will smile, laugh and love reading the adventures of Booker Weed in the first in the series of children’s books from http://www.mindstirmedia.com staring Booker Weed. “Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!” will be available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble this summer.

Kids Have Ups & Downs Too! Coming Soon!

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Liking the fact that my first in the series of children’s books entitled “Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!” will be available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon in less than two months. All artwork is original and airbrushed by me. The stories will engage your kids and inspire them to journal because each book includes pages in the back for journaling. Thanks for following …

Best Friends

Whether you’re good at math, a great baseball player, a dancer, a musician, you can always be a good friend – Finding good friends can be a little tougher. Parents benefit when their children can choose good friends. Here’s a little tip on how to choose good friends: A good friend will be there to help you not trip you. They are there to encourage you to make good healthy choices that your parents would also expect you to make. Good friends treat you the way they would like you to treat them … Be a good friend and get ready to read the first in the series “Kids Have Ups & Downs Too!” from www.mindstirmedia.com

Be a Good Friend