I Can’t Hear You, God

Give God some time … Why not? He gives us eternal life!

Mel Steinmeyer


I think it was 1988…I think.   Anyway, it was a long time ago.  I was a youth pastor in Marysville, WA.  Yeah, I was young.  However, I felt like I was getting old by the day.  It seemed like ALL my friends were married now.  It seemed like I was the last holdout…though not by choice.  I so desperately wanted to share my life with someone else and to be loved just as I am by someone other than Jesus or my dog.  It was late one night and in the room of my apartment, with the door tightly shut, I cried out to God…literally!  Don’t you care, God!?” were my words and I meant them.  It wasn’t a rhetorical question.  Like I said, I was desperate…desperately lonely.  Finally, thankfully, sleep cut off my cries and my questions.  And while I awoke feeling better, I didn’t share my questions with…

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