A Footbag, a Journal, a Change Forever


A Footbag, a Journal, a Change Forever.

Booker Weed in the U.K.

BW England PromoArrived in England today where I get to share a positive, character building message to about 6000 primary students from London, to Southend-on-Sea, Birmingham, and England’s southern most coast. In addition Booker Weed has landed as I have handed out several business cards and received terrfic response from parents and their kids.

A Good Cause

Faithfully my daughter trains, coaches, and inspires runners to stay fit and raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma for Team in Training while maintaining a successfull career in photography, motherhood, and homemaking for her husband who is a fulltime student, oh and did I mention she is a high school track coach as well? Donate $10-$20 or more if you can to help see a cure. Arthur Heaton was severely affected while in the middle of high school and has survived to go on to college – I’ve met him and the donations are worth it. Pleas donate today … Tiffany Rose Carbaugh and those affected deserve it. Thanks – I love U Tiffy OX’s Dad