It goes without saying, kind words or no words when you lack them help to resolve issues faster … #KidsHaveUpsAndDownsToo


What is Good

 I’m reminded I grew up in a bad environment, drugs, alcohol, abuse of many sorts but it was the good that kept my focus. Oh sure, things got fuzzy or out of focus at times but I looked at what was good.

I found positive things to clear the fuzzies, and worked at staying focused. School was my safe place from sun up to sun down. I learned from mistakes and examples, not necessarily my own and I avoided #theblamegame.

Oh sure there were many things I could have blamed then followed the same path or followed a bad path and played the blame game but life is an adventure and I wanted to win on the side of good.

It is “What is Good” that I follow today, my wife – #mygoodthing, the #Bible calls her, my kids, grandkids, and smiles of the kids I have the Devine assignment of ministering to.

“What is Good” is not a question it’s a statement of what I pursue and it starts with II Peter 1. Give it a try … 


Life is 99% …

Media is everywhere … it does not concern itself with what builds us up. Media thrives on that which tears down & divides even to dividing nations. I pray for the day that we thrive for good media where only 1% is the junk. If we could see all the hugs, the love, the hope, the parents that tuck their kids in with a hug and a story, the meals prepared for sick friends, If media could sensationalize families on picnics, dads treating their young daughters like young ladies on birthday dates so they look for their dad in the boys they date, moms wiping the tear from their young son’s cheek and kissing their ouwies while training them how to treat a lady so when they grow up they can be a knight in shining armor … WoW! I imagine a day where we learn to make better choices … #BeTheBuddy

Better Each Day



I would say, from my own experience, that you get better at something the more you do it and at first you may think it is impossible but after some determination, okay a lot of determination, you begin to think, “I got this!” Let that be your anthem today … “I got this!” and watch God appear alongside of you …