Book Release “History”

The Bookmark

It’s finally here. It seems like forever, well actually it has been since 1979. At that time I was making greeting cards for the girls at school using Booker Weed in various poses and themes. From field hocky to volleyball Booker greeted friends of friends for the birthdays or just everyday fun. I was offered a greeting card contract In highschool that was supposed to make more money than Farrah Fawcett’s posters. Booker Weed was filed in the Register of Copyright’s Office, I had the contract in hand, and something was missing.
At eighteen you don’t have much business savy and my mom wasn’t much help. My stepdad was a great guy but an alcoholic who provided for us as well as he could but was incompasitated most of the time. That missing part was wise council and fortunately I had a sweet friend who worked for a contract attorney at the time and was kind enough to provide me his service free of charge since I was a student athlete with not a lot of spare time to work a full time job. After his review it was determined that the contract was too strict for several reasons and Booker would take a rest until many years after while returning to college while working for Rockwell International my marketing project was presented to my finance professor who had me present it to a weekend venture capitalist meeting in Palm Srings, CA. After fifty-six ideas were presented the group landed on Booker Weed greeting cards.
One investor slapped his checkbook on the table and said, “Show me a business plan and I’ll write you a check!” Of course I didn’t have a business plan developed and to this day I have no idea what happened to my finance professor after that eventful meeting and now after some thirty-three years since his appearance as a doodle on a Denny’s napkin Booker has a place, a place in the hearts of kids through the series of children’s books entitled, “Kids Have Ups and Downs Too!”. Each subsequent book will have the same title with a new sub title. Book number two will be “A Bully’s Journal” where Booker will befriend a bully followed by “Road Trip” where the cities on the road trip are named after character traits. I am thankful for the opportunity to minister to kids and thankful for friends such as Kevin Walsh who has embraced my dreams and been there to provide support in so many ways. Thanks for reading my blog. Happy reading, Clyde Heath

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